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Here at depp_news I have one objective - which is to bring you the most recent Johnny information as soon as it falls into my hands.
There are a million websites out there in cyber space dedicated to Johnny Depp, and each have their strengths and weaknesses. My aim is to bring all these sites together to create the ultimate news source. To keep everyone up to date and on track once and for all. This is your one stop shop when it comes to Johnny Depp.

Jodie xx


1. This is a news community hence each post should contain a new piece of news in regards to Johnny. Remember - a news piece is made up of hard fact, so keep all rumours to yourself.

2. Do not post icons or other graphics here at depp_news. That's what icon and graphic communities are for. Any graphic posts will be deleted.

3. Credit your sources - All news comes from somewhere. Its not polite to steal

4. Put pictures behind the cut if you are posting a lot of pictures at once

5. Do not direct link or hot link

6. Don't post massive HQ pictures without warning - Remember that some people have slow internet connections

7. Don't advertise your sites or anything else inappropriate here. We're a news site, not a plug site.